One Flesh

  Dylan, my son, and his lovely wife Rachel moved to Colorado right after Christmas. We had an amazing Christmas, I wanted it to last forever. But, as all good things, we all had to move on. I will say when I said , “see ya later.” To both Dylan and Rachel the door closed, … More One Flesh


  i gotta hold this together with glue tape and thread i got to keep it together this box I shred it’s over flowing like all the rest i have so many boxes full of life and death i have so many boxes one for sound of the laughter of my children one for the … More Boxes


  I remember holding her as if it was yesterday. When she was born, well she was actually born dead. I remember her body jiggled like jello and she was a white a snow. The room got quiet, and all I could say over and over was ” is she okay?”. I asked if I … More Ladybug

See you Soon…

You know I have decided to stop apologizing for my illness, my mental illness, my fat body, my weirdness, my thoughts, and all things in between. Some people can keep their flaws hidden for years, but my flaws are loud and rioting on a daily basis. I have felt ashamed of my body and my … More See you Soon…

I am a Survivor.

“Have you witness that blood and flesh cannot be trusted” Tool “Prison Sex” This is a song about the lead singer of Tool’s abusive childhood, he was sexually violated as a child. I find so much truth in this song, the emotion. I am a survivor of child abuse, specfically sexual abuse. Those experiences  are … More I am a Survivor.