So many good things happened in 2017,  I feel almost guilty talking about the difficult times. But, I have learned through all of the challenges that I   have faced. You have to take the good with the bad. That is really what this piece is about. 2017 started off with Dylan and Rachel … More 2017

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not once not twice not even three times down the inky blackness i feel as if i am being skinned alive seperate compartimentalized terror as the tears fall the emotion of loss the emotion held so close for 40 years all these years she carried me she helped me appear normal while i raged just … More 1 2 3

One Flesh

  Dylan, my son, and his lovely wife Rachel moved to Colorado right after Christmas. We had an amazing Christmas, I wanted it to last forever. But, as all good things, we all had to move on. I will say when I said , “see ya later.” To both Dylan and Rachel the door closed, … More One Flesh


  i gotta hold this together with glue tape and thread i got to keep it together this box I shred it’s over flowing like all the rest i have so many boxes full of life and death i have so many boxes one for sound of the laughter of my children one for the … More Boxes